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Traktor Pro 2 v2.6.8 - OS X [packet-dada]
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2014-03-03 12:15:44 GMT
future-dada VIP

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Traktor Pro 2 v2.6.8 - OS X [packet-dada]
440 MB

2. What's New in TRAKTOR 2.6.8

- New Controller Editor now allows full MIDI mapping of
  KONTROL Z1, S2 MK2, S4 MK2 and X1 MK2
- This update fixes a crash caused by m4a files which contain
  cover art and were edited in version 2.6.6
1. Install Traktor 2 v2.6.8

2. After the installation, do not open Traktor.

3. Fence the directory where you installed...

Applications/Native Instrument/Traktor 2 

and the copy to the Desktop.

4. Open PATCHERS folder...

5. Select the version (Traktor Pro or_ Traktor Scratch Pro), then search you copied to the Desktop to implement pacth.

Ready to enjoy...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Already pacthed:

- Install Traktor 2 v2.6.8

- Delete

Applications/Native Instrument/Traktor 2/

- One PATCHED folder

- Copy to directory Applications/Native Instrument/Traktor 2/ which version you are using Traktor Scratch Pro or_ Traktor Pro.

Ready to enjoy...
future-dada MMXIV.


Thanks for this. I know its a huge guy to upload, but any idea where can i download Komplete 9 from..??
I had Traktor LE installed on my Mac before trying to install this version so after deleting the LE version and trying to install this version, it always reverts back to LE. Any idea how I can solve this issue? Greatly appreciated!
OMG. Thank you so much for replying. I have been downloading Komplete 8 since 2 months now and its only got 27% downloaded.
Ill try these and tell you.
Is this Komplete 9 ultimate working fine on mac.?? Did u check future-dada..??
Let a few days.
Has solution, not to worry.

and mehulp
The language complicates the explanation...
I will shortly comment.
How I said, you just need Komplete 8 (75 GiB). Here you can find on TPB (harnessing dvd you have)

Repeat, using Komplete 8 for the base installation and Komplete 9 for expanding library.

2 - 4 days to download Komplete 8 with an ADSL connection 10 MB.
2 - 4 days to download Komplete 9 with an ADSL connection 10 MB.

DVD 3 damaged? (Komplete 8)

Download this:



DVD 001 Komplete 8 (installers)

Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate.MAC.CRACK

Ago long time I installed Komplete 8 (75 GB)
I have expanded the library with Kontakt Evolve (DVD 25) and Damage Library (DVD 28-29)

Double click and no problem, fast and easy.

a friend installed more libraries, and neither has had problems.

To install the contents of 2 DVDs, group the contents to a single folder (for Komplete 9).

Regards, dada.
To install Komplete 8 with library:

Mount .iso are going to use and start installing from the DVD 001 (installer).
@future-dada - Actually i have already started downloading the Komplete 9 links that you shared. Any problem with that..???

How to gone?
Which OS X version(s) is this release for?
This version of Traktor (2.6.8) Minimum system 10.7

(version 2.6.0) OS X 1.6.8

from version 2.6.2 or higher minimum system 10.7
I followed the directions exactly.
Once I opened the patcher and tried to open traktor i was asked for my password so the patcher can "change the permissions" for the file. I enter in my password and an error message is displayed. I am on osx 10.9.
Search in

I installed Komplete 8 as you instructed, and downloaded Disc 1 of Komplete 9, along with the discs for Alicia Keys, Session Strings, and Session Horns.

I exctracted the rar files to the same folder I extracted Disc 1 to. And I try to install with the Mac installer for disc 1, but every time I try to install those Libraries (and I'm not installing anything else) it tells me after a few minutes "installation failed." And this happens every time I try, even with just the individual sample libraries.

I followed all you directions but yet this still happens. Any idea why?