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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II - The Sith Lords [Mac]
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2013-02-25 19:07:07 GMT
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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II - The Sith Lords [Mac] [Cider]

Intel only.

Language: English

Thanks to the original porter. 

To all whiners: Some games may or may not work for you. But really, what did you expect? If you really wanted to play games you should have bought a windows pc..

I'm doing my best in trying to provide games to the mac community. If it doesn't work for you, please write what system you're on, and if it does work for you, state that and please, also now, write what system you're on.

Feel free to request any game you want.	If your request haven't been uploaded within 2 days, I couldn't find it.


I get through the character make, and afterwards the load screen plays sound with no load?! any help?
How do I fix this problem?

The item “Knights of the Old Republic 2” can’t be moved because “Программы” can’t be modified.

Thank you so much!! You're wonderful
Hey noobish, can you please try and port Path of Exile to mac, I know it's a free game, and there are already ports of it, but none of them function very well, so can you please do your best to port it so it runs the best you can make it, thanks heaps, love your torrents!!!
My game is not loading at the first loading after clicking play on the creating character menu. can some one help me with that?
Thanks for the upload, I really appreciate you taking the time to let me play a game for free.

I have a question though, contrary to what gmupats posted - which I believe only works on a windows computer - I'm having a hard time finding the .ini file that lets you add the "EnableCheats=1" line which allows one to access the console in-game.

Could someone please be a little more specific on how to enable the console in the game for this torrent?
Thanks man .. I have a problem though, the game freezes on my new 27" iMac after every fight sequence? I'm scouring the internet for help, but nothing seems to do the trick ..

I'd love a wine skin over Insaniquarium!
thenoobish, how about fallout 3? It would be awsome :)
xochild: go to the kotor2 app -> open package contents -> transgaming -> … -> search for the swkotor2.ini -> add the EnableCheats=1 right below GameOptions

To write cheats simply press Shift and "´"
Does any1 know how this game could be updated through mac? My game starts without starting the launcher…
Being able to install a patch and mods would be awesome, if any1 could figure that out :) Congratz on the beautiful game
Does any1 know if it's possible to create a version of this torrent already updated and with restored content installed please?! :3 thanks
…oh and movies/cinematic preferably xD
Hey, your torrents are always appreciated.

Anyone know how to solve the following:

The item “Knights of the Old Republic 2” can’t be moved because “Программы” can’t be modified.

The game keeps freezing for me straight after I make my character. Can anyone help me out? Real keen to play!
I am also having it freeze after character creation and no amount of time appears to correct it. A dialogue box stated it needed debugged but i did not take any action as of yet. Anyone find any solution?
MacOSX 10.8.5 running smoothly! :)
diamonddogj to fix that problem you need to move the game file to applications and dismount the game file from finder, then run the game again and it will work perfectly. Also, thanks a lot thenoobish!
coulnd teven open i must have restarted my mac 10 times
If anyone is getting an error saying “Программы” can’t be modified, then just drag it to the desktop. Worked for me, thanks again Noobish!
Dragging it to the desktop also for some reason seemed to fix the previous problem i had, game would start up and everything but when I go to play the loading bar just stayed there and the screen was stuck on the loading. Now however it works fine, hopefully noone is having any problems with it though, goodluck!
As i can see you guys have been ignoring the ppl who have asked you that you cannot move (som russian shit) Because it cannot be modified? So pretty much unless i can get that into my applications it will not work because it freezes after i create a character what the fuck man and why are you ignoring the people that have asked this question on multiple accounts

1. Instead of moving the App to the folder indicated in the launcher (the Russian folder), simply move it to your application folder.

2. Play the game


Now try to use your brain before complaining when shit doesn't work.
First of all, THANK YOU! Love this game and how you ported it for Mac. My only problem with this is that the stealth generator graphics aren't working and the character sight doesn't work. For example, if you play Kreia or Visas, you can see through the Force, but it doesn't show up the way it does on other consoles. If there is some fix I can do, please let me know, but if not, no problem. I definitely can live with out those minor graphics. I am on Mac OS X Version 10.9.3. Please let me know if there is some type of fix I can try, but if not, thank you for all of your work to put this game out for Mac.
Im on a macbook air 2015 with el capitan. The app doesnt work, i have to double tap and go to package contents

Then on character creation, the classes, (Consular, guardian etc) are black, there are no pictures for the classes.

Finally when I try to play the game, theres just a black screen with no sound.
Crashes after character creation, a black screen appears and says windows has encountered a severe problem.