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Tropico 4 [Mac] [CiderX]
Games > Mac
3.38 GiB (3632387268 Bytes)
2013-02-24 22:44:52 GMT
thenoobish VIP

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Intel only.

Language: English

Thanks to the original porter. 

To all whiners: Some games may or may not work for you. But really, what did you expect? If you really wanted to play games you should have bought a windows pc..

I'm doing my best in trying to provide games to the mac community. If it doesn't work for you, please write what system you're on, and if it does work for you, state that and please, also now, write what system you're on.

Feel free to request any game you want.	If your request haven't been uploaded within 2 days, I couldn't find it.


thenoobish could you find Democracy 2 for mac?
Can you get the Game Proteus please
People, does this work on ML?
Dosent work, any help?
Ok. This works on ML i played for most than an hour. The only prob is that i CANT play it on HD.
I downlaoded and oepend it and clicked ok on two pages and then when i double click the icon itshows it trying to open and then nothing happens. Im running Mac os x 10.7.5....any help?
Can you get the Modern Times Expansion for Tropico 4 (Mac)?
Works perfectly!
i have osx 10.6.8 and dont me anyone please..
Im on mac 10.5.8 and when i click the dmg it says codec overrun any help
cheers thenoobish great upload works great. will seed for ya.
I have the same problem as Ryelz. Please someone help me.
Works like a charm, but I do have one minor issue, I have a new Mac mini running 10.8.2 (i7 2,3GHz, 4gb ram), anyway, if I change the settings from low to medium or high, I get a bunch of graphic glitches, rectangles and lines all over the screen, the game still works but it's not playable like this. That and windowed mode will crash the game, although I didn't expect it to work.

Great work regardless.
This works greath, thanks a lot.
I have a question, does anyone know where the save files are located?
works very smooth even on high settings thanks alot but on question: could you get hitman: absolution for mac?
I have an issue that makes the game unplayable. Basically, when I start in any mode, the only thing visible is water. Everything else is just a white void. Any fix?
Oh, and from "About This Mac":
Mac OS X 10.7.5
2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory

The game runs smoothly, with no lag at all. Just, you know, a bit hard to play without being able to see any land. It seems like a problem with the game to me.
Just drag the Tropico 4 file to the Applications folder when you open up the .dmg file. Open the application from the applications folder and you're all set.
Anyone considering this should get[Mac]_[Native] instead, it's also by thenoobish and is a better version
Doesn't work on highest resolution & most details.
On Late 2012 MBP Retina 2,3 Ghz and a GT650M running on OS X 10.9
Keeps worked for a few minutes then wont run again
scratch that, wrong torrent sorry