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Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB x64 v5 lite (ivankehayov)
Applications > Windows
791.69 MiB (830144512 Bytes)
Windows Enterprise 2016 LTSB x64 lite ivankehayov
2018-07-05 12:36:41 GMT

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Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB x64 v5 lite (ivankehayov)

Win10.x64.lite.v5-IK.iso (size: 791 MB)
(SHA1: 71E842518B2FE9FFDE94DD6F7E0777793BBA8466)
(based on en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483.iso)

This is my 5th version of Windows 10 x64 lite.

Changelog v4 -> v5:Cumulative updates can be installed now;
1.	WordPad/Write is back here;
2.	‘Games from Win7’ can be installed and they work now;
3.	‘Print to PDF’ from Internet Explorer works now;
4.	Connect/project to wireless display works now.

Changelog v3 -> v4:
1.	Added a missing file (bootmgr) preventing successful installation on non-UEFI systems
2.	3 MB smaller size of installation media.

Changelog v2 -> v3:
1.	Boot.wim fixed. In v2 I found installation cannot start on some PCs;
2.	Defender engine now can be updated through Windows Update;
3.	Media streaming features, Miracast, Tethering are not removed this time;
4.	HomeGroup and OneDrive is removed;
5.	31 MB smaller size of installation media.

Some features of my releases:
-	smallest possible size of the installation media with minimum features removed and most software compatible; 
-	nothing integrated;
-	features can be installed or removed;
-	it’s updateable;
-	MS account can be used.
Features removed: Backup, BitLocker, Cortana, Face/finger Recognition, Fax, File History, Hyper-V, IE-DeveloperTools, IIS, Handwriting recognition, Offline Maps, MSMQ, MultiPoint Connector, OCR, Parental Control, Recovery, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop, Speech/voice option, Storage Spaces, Windows To Go, Work Folders, XPS viewer/creator, Asian fonts, some drivers (BE READY WITH YOUR NETWORK DRIVERS at least after installation!).
Some TWEAKS applied: ‘This PC’ icon on desktop; UAC - Elevate without prompting & File open security warning disabled; All icons on taskbar are shown; Navigation pane - shows all folders & expand to current folder; Photo Viewer enabled; Hidden files & folders shown; Notepad opens .nfo files; Open File Explorer to "ThisPC"; "Shortcut" suffix removed; Windows Defender - Cloud-based protection and online samples submission disabled; Hibernation and SwapFile disabled; Recent documents history cleared on exit; minor other.
For ACTIVATION – use any KMS offline activator you can find in internet.
Regular users shouldn't notice any difference between this lite & full-featured Windows.
This Windows is suitable to be main OS for everyday use for surfing, gaming, movies, etc.
An autoattended.xml file is created to automatize installation process -> Language: en-US, EULA accepted; User name: IK (Administrators), PC name: IK-PC, time: GMT+2h. 
My goal is to make smallest possible size installation media with minimum features removed and most software compatible, updateable, stable, fast and reliable Windows 10.

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Thank you! I have a problem with this in vmware, cant get ethernet device to work, no internet connection. i tried to install drivers with no success.
You should find which is the needed driver, find it and install it offline. There are software which can extract the drivers from a running Windows.
PS: I test my builds in VirtualBox, so I kept the necessary drivers for it.