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BioShock Infinite 1.3.0 + 3 DLC [Mac] [Native]
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2014-08-05 17:11:37 GMT
thenoobish VIP

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Native from the AppStore.

Besides the main game it also includes the following DLC's:

- Clash in the clouds.
- Burial at sea episode-1.
- Burial at sea episode-2.


Seed please!!
Thanks it works completely but again like many of your torrents it ended in another language this time russian and I need help changing it to english.
I'm having the same problem that RoarIDK is having. I attempted to delete the language packs in each of the localization folders but it looks like it didn't help much. If anyone has a more elegant fix please let us know.
Sorry guys. I only pass on the information from the place I downloaded it from. Usually there is a text file that needs to be changed.

Its cool thenoobish somehow I'm gonna play in russain lol.
can't change the language with language switcher is there any other way to play it in english?
Language switcher works but somehow the "english" option makes the game run in Russian too...anyway the game works fine!
Guys i figured out how to fix the language now my game runs in pt-br first you have to google " bioshock infinite INT folder download" a then put the new one in the localization folder of bishock infinite hope that it helps...
To everyone who needs the english INT folder, I have uploaded it to the following :

anonfiles (dot) com /files/ ce3339312216d0a3faf1e05acb03386a
There is no english file in the localisation folder
the link nator14 posted comes up with a not found error for me. Anyone else?
the link nator14 posted worked for me. Just remove the s in /files/.

working in english now, thanks
I'm writing this just to say Thank You very much, thenoobish! Your torrents rock!

Regarding the problem with the language, d4d012, how did you download nator14's file?

I followed your instructions, found the file, but when I tried to download it, it leads me to which is an invalid server.

Anyone who could help us with this?
Okay, I have figured it out. To those who want to change the language to English, download this file from

Unzip it, then, replace it with the original INT folder at Contents > Game Data > XGame > Localization

Again, thanks thenoobish for a great torrent and fast seed
Hello guys. I've just noticed that mine doesn't have any music. Do you guys have a fix for this?
Is there any way the you can upload the language file to another server than anonfiles? that server doesn't work for me and other.. Thank you in advance.
same problem with pixanim.
anyone help?
Will upload
pixanim and hoyin_32, try this link


now, can anyone help me with the no music?
Readwand, thx for your help.
And about the music problem, I have no idea how to fix it, seems most of us have not this problem included me.
No, hoyin_32. Readwand is right. Mine can't play
sound(music) either.
Russian lang. changed safely, however there is no
background music. I compared former INT folder with
the latter one, in vain. Anyone help?
Same problem for me, there is no music!! Otherwise the game is running perfectly.. (i did not have to change the language). Can anyone who solved the music problem can advise? Thx
I'm still in Russian. I downloaded the INT file but find a folder named Localization. I created the folders Application Support>Bioshock Infinite>Contents>game data>Xgame>Localization and put the INT folder in it. That did nothing to help. I'm missing something.
hi guys im seeking for grid 2 on mac...the new one, if someone have it plz upload..thx in anticipation
language in Russian plz any one have idea how to fix it tell us thx
I took this torrent and the INT file, got a folder from another B.I. torrent, and deleted a couple of folders to make a version with music and english. Couldn't have done it with the torrent here and the comments!
withOUT the torrent here... I mean
guys anyone fixed the music or sound problem. i dont have sound or music. i just can hear dialogues. any help appreciated.