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Total War: Shogun 2 Collection [Mac] [Native]
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2014-08-05 11:45:31 GMT
thenoobish VIP

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Language: English (your system language needs to be in english).

Included DLCs:

• Ikko Ikki Clan Pack
• Dragon War Battle Pack
• Hattori Clan Pack
• Sengoku Clan Pack
• Saints and Heroes Pack
• Otomo Clan Pack
• Rise of the Samurai Campaign


thank you - real MAC games are always appreciated.
thanks, I've been waiting for this.
come on people, seed!
I can't mount the Image, anybody know how to fix. On OSX Mavericks.
@buggy75 try going to System Preferences-> General and make sure "Allow apps downloaded from" is set to "anywhere"
@WaffleJesus I already have, it says when I click on the DMG: no mountable file systems

THANKS! Love this game on PC. Happier than hell to play it on Mac natively.

It works like a charm with no problems.
Same problem, I get "No Mountable File Systems".
MacBook Pro 17" running Mavericks (10.9.4).
Im sure someone will come up with a solution.
Either way, thank you thenoobish for your uploads, my TW games are all from you!
crash!!! when click Start game
it unexpectedly quit
please help
iMAC 2011 ...osx 10.10

thank thenoobish for good game
Thank a lot
Confirmed working on MacBook Pro 10.9.3
2.9 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Haven't experienced any of the issues other folks are talking about, wish i could help :(
Thank you!
I can play the Shogun and RotS campaigns, but I can't play FotS, it just crashes when I try (that being said, I can play the FotS custom and historic battles) Any ideas?
Fots campaign auto crashes and the setup menu for it is lacking certain elements. other than that, working great.
FotS was never ported onto MAC. It runs on a different engine and graphics(That's why it was a stand-alone expansion).

There's talk of porting it, if there's enough support and demand..
..Even though you can click on the campaign mode for FotS, it would automatically crash. (Remember, it's a port!)
I had the "No Mountable File Systems".
I erased the .dmg and re-downloaded the file; now it works.
Never give up.
Custom and Historical Battles work, however as soon as I start a campaign, the game crashes. Apparently my mac doesn't have the necessary requirements, but it's relatively new (bought in 2011) and runs on mavericks. Can anyone help?

Thank you
Great torrent, but how should i go about fixing "No Mountable File Systems"
Mac must be at least 10.9.2
Free upgrade to Yosemite 10.10 on the online mac store.

Upgraded my mac mini 2011 from 10.7, added the game file to applications as usual and it started up with no problem.

Many thanks for the torrent 'thenoobish', playing now and so far it works like a charm...
Dude, how opportune. I was ready to get this original and pay the hefty sum it is required when I found it is obligatory to open a fucking Steam account. Downhearted I decided to check here just in case the native Mac version would be floating around, which almost is never the case in most games I check, and to balance out all of the other disapointments I have had, here it was. The exact package I was ready to purchase if not for the bloody mandatory Steam bullshit.
Thanks truly "thenoobish", this is a most spectacular upload!!!
Is it really necessary to have the language system in english? i'm french, it'd be quiet bothersome... :/
Does anyone know a fix to the Fall of the Samurai campaign crash on startup? C'mon guys PC kids always write up full length tutorials on how to fix shit, why can't we? Everything else is running great.

FotS is a completely different game engine. It was never ported with this release. (That's why the PC version was able to be a standalone)

They are almost done with porting/releasing FotS for MAC, they said it should be around before the holidays.
can u upload Rome 2 total war for mac?
Crashes after a few turns and when I end battles any fixes?
Just wondering will this work for PC?